Why the green industry, healthy snacks, and companies like Uber Eats will continue to grow?

Now the world has experienced a catastrophe. Under such a violent pandemic, so many businesses have fallen. However, in such a long-term environment of the pandemic, many industries are also quietly emerging and making a fortune in silence. This is because the pandemic has completely changed the way we live and created unexpected opportunities for those industries.

So, let’s take a look at my list of 8 promising industries in the post-pandemic era.

No 8 Green Industry

The business suspension during the pandemic has made many consumers more aware that their previous actions have had a great impact on the…

Desperately relying on dead wages to earn income will never be able to become rich. People in their twenty-five to forty-five years old usually fall into a bottleneck in the workplace. You may be fired at any time and lose your source of income. In order to make yourself more financially safe, it is necessary to expand income beyond wages.

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Perhaps one gap between the poor and the rich lies in whether there is passive income. As the world starts to experience currency inflation, price rise and your purchasing power are turning lower and lower. If you want to get…

With the development and changes of society, business models are constantly changing and innovating. In our daily life, whether you notice it or not, we are more or less inevitably exposed to a variety of different business operations. Among those businesses, there is one question you might want to ask: what industries are the most profitable. Today, let us take a look at the six most profitable industries.

№1, Glasses Industry

In today’s digitalization of information, convenience may cause adverse effects on our eyesight. The increase of screen time will lead to the problem of myopia, especially in childhood. According…

The U.S. stock market is hitting an all-time high in 2021. As funds from all kinds of sources are flooding into the market, novice investors need to concern about risks and avoid some common money-losing mistakes.

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1. Concentrated in One Stock

When you buy and hold one stock to make money, you are also paying the opportunity cost of missing out on the gains of other alternative investments. If you do invest in individual stocks, make sure you thoroughly understand each company those stocks represent before you invest. Before you make a purchase decision, ask enough questions to yourself and conduct the necessary research. What…

The global pandemic has hurt the fashion industry in many aspects. Travel restrictions delay the production and delivery of raw materials, and the store closures significantly cut the sales and other transactions of many fashion brands.

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J. Crew is a famous American fashion brand. In recent years, J. Crew’s management has discontinued its budget clothing line, which is called Mercantile, and shut down the newly launched Nevereven brand. The former CEO James Brett also departed after a disagreement with the Board about the J. Crew’s turnaround plans. Brett’s departure was also due to the company’s net loss of $5.7 million…

Useful tips for jobs and professional development

A good business resume helps you snag an interview in no time. To stand out in today’s competitive job market, there’s nothing easy about crafting an effective resume. Today, I would like to share some tips about developing a business resume.

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The One-page rule

Most of the time, a resume should be one page. Recruiters may scan hundreds of resumes in a few seconds. That means there is little chance they will flip over the next page of your resume’s second or third page.

Order matters

There are several ways of ordering your resume. A chronological resume lists your work…

The global pandemic since early 2020 has provided great opportunities for healthcare service providers and companies. We have discussed these topics when the pandemic began. Now that some health care companies have grown their revenues and expanded the business, is it a good strategy for them to go initial public offerings in the post-pandemic era? Today, I will use the case of Moderna.INC to illustration this question.

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Moderna Inc. staged one of the biggest initial public offerings for a biotechnology company in late 2018. Moderna sold 26.3 million of its shares at $23 a piece, in line with pricing expectations…

Lessons from the online food-delivery giant in China

China’s online food-delivery market is growing fast. The market has gained from 21.68 billion yuan to 205.27 billion yuan from 2011 to 2017. Meituan is one of the food-delivery giants in the market. It has 310 million users and delivering 11 million meals daily last year.

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As China’s app-for-everything, Meituan doesn’t have an exact parallel elsewhere because its business ranges from food delivery to travel booking. Although two-third of revenue comes from its food-delivery business, the domestic hotel room booked through Meituan has increased to 205 million. And more than 80% of those hotel bookers ordered their food-delivery business.


How Zappos stands out with customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP)

One of the primary goals of any marketing strategy should be to identify and meet the needs of the consumer. Implementation of a Customer relationship management (CRM) has contributed to Zappos’ greater customers satisfaction and the long-term relationships with companies and customers.

“Customer relationship management (CRM) is a means of managing all aspects of a customer’s relationship with an organization to increase customer loyalty and retention and an organization’s profitability” —Paige Baltzan

Zappos is a good user of the two primary components of CRM strategy: operational CRM and analytical CRM. Through operational CRM, Zappos communicates with its customers via various…

How Zappos stands out through supply chain management (SCM)?

The battles among online fashion retailers are fierce. Zappos is a winner. The successful story of Zappos couldn’t be accomplished without implementing useful strategies.

Photo Courtesy of Clark Street Mercantile | Unsplash

By utilizing supply chain management (SCM), customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP), Zappos maintains good internal and external relationships, and remains profitable and competitive in the market. Today, let’s take a look at how Zappos mastered SCM towards its profitability.

SCM is the management of information flows between and among activities in a supply chain to maximize total supply chain effectiveness and corporate profitability, according to Paige Baltzan’s Business Driven Information Systems. It…

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