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How multibillion fashion brands decline in the e-commerce Era

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“The investigation stemmed from information contained in the so-called Panama Papers and Offshore Leaks, a trove of confidential documents that helped to expose the workings of global money laundering and tax evasion.” — Ewing et al. 2018

Deutsche Bank employees were suspected of guiding customers to establish companies in offshore tax havens and transferred money earned through criminal…

Why the green industry, healthy snacks, and companies like Uber Eats will continue to grow?

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1. Concentrated in One Stock

When you buy and hold one stock to make money, you are also paying the opportunity cost of missing out on the gains of other alternative investments. If you do invest in individual stocks, make sure you thoroughly understand each company those stocks represent before you invest. Before you make a purchase decision, ask enough questions to yourself and conduct the necessary research. What…

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Useful tips for jobs and professional development

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Lessons from the online food-delivery giant in China

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I write about business, culture, travel, and anything interesting | Proud alumni of MacquarieU & M.St.Mary

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