My picks of investment opportunities under the public health crisis

The outbreak of coronavirus means disaster for many businesses in global markets. The fast-spreading virus has cost thousands of lives and negatively affected worldwide industries ranging from the air industry to petroleum.

However, as many companies are struggling for survival from this outbreak, there are tremendous opportunities for certain businesses to make profits under the current global public health crisis, which are worth consideration for investors. Here I mention three of them.

Stock Market

Photo by M. B. M.

Stocks just experienced the since 2008 amid coronavirus panic, with Dow is on pace for its worst month since the Great Depression. However, the short-term plummet means a potential rebound for hopeful stocks. Apparently, big tech stocks top the lists. Companies such as Amazon and Facebook have benefited from the outbreak, as demand has surged as people hunker down at home and do their shopping and socializing online.

Hygiene Product and Retailer

Photo by Kelly Sikkema

No doubt that hygiene products including sanitizers, face masks, disinfectants, air purifiers,and etc., are under high demand due to the coronavirus outbreak. Companies producing those products are seeing “demand-pull” in the coming months. Groceries and markets that retailing the hygiene products are also in a in demand as coronavirus spreads.

Cashierless Store

Photo by Nathália Rosa

The idea of cashierless store is not new. 7-Eleven and Amazon Go have started their rival in the cashierless field since 2018. Then, others followed the suit. Walmart tinkered with the idea, and although it ultimately canceled its Scan & Go experiment without moving forward, cashierless options remain on its radar.Microsoft and Kroger are also working together on, among other things, cashierless options. The coronavirus outbreak will clearly boost the development of cashierless store as people are trying to avoid person-to-person transmission of the virus.

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